hello! So I'm a fan of BIGSTAR, but for me is so hard to find variety shows with them. I tried so bad to find that one that Baram shows his giyomi, but i didn't find it >< Could you help me and let me know where to find their variety shows? Thanks!

Well for the most part Bigstar hasn’t been on a lot of variety shows, and the little ones they have been on you can’t reall find because people haven’t uploaded them. 

Feeldog has been on Dream Team 2 for a while and you can find all of those on the kbsworld youtube channel. 

Bigstar was also on After School Club.

Here is the clip of Bigstar on Star Jjik jjik where Baram does his Kiyeomi player! ^^

Also this is bigstar in Secret Box on Arirang’s Pops in Seoul. 

I hope this helps a little, it’s really hard to find any bigstar stuff. ;; 

Leader and Maknae

Calm down Maknae

119/100: gifs of Gwangsuk